Lodgco Hospitality - Mt. Pleasant, MI, 48858

Hotel Development and Acquisitions

Each project is handled with professionalism and with great dedication to ensuring your hotel is finished on time and on budget. We have an experienced team of professionals that will be committed to your project from beginning to end. We understand the need of a no-margin-for-error culture on your project and the importance of building real equity and value in the development and pre-opening phases, an understanding built by our company’s deep roots of investing our own money.

Lodgco Hospitality
Lodgco Hospitality, 5225 East Pickard Road
Mt. Pleasant, MI, 48858
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Lodgco Hospitality

Lodgco Hospitality, LLC is a multi-brand, Hospitality Company that delivers value, rewards and a sense of pride to its associates, guests and investors. Headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Lodgco Hospitality operates award-winning hotels with award-winning service. Our first hotel opened in 1996 and our most recent opening was in December of 2015. With more hotels in the pipeline, Lodgco Hospitality is a strong, growing hospitality management company who will deliver financial results, an excellent service-driven culture and decades of hospitality management experience.